sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2011

Benfica Draws Against Manchester United

Champions League play came first to the Luz Wednesday evening as Benfica hosted one of the currently insanely hot teams of the EPL, Manchester United. MUFC has been running rampant in these early days of the season, and let's not forget they were in the finals of the CL last year as well.

Over 63000 came to see a battle of the Encarnados versus the Reds in Lisbon. It was a fairly even game throughout, with the 1-1 score deceptive. I thought it'd be 2-2 or 3-1; I knew we weren't keeping a clean sheet. After all, we are Benfica.

Personally, I agree with Jorge Jesus after the game. Benfica could have won and they didn't.

They don't seem to capitalize on rebound shots after shots on goal that don't go in for some reason / get deflected / just flat out miss. Why are you not going after it like crazy?

The defense needs work. Why the hell is Capdevila sitting? He should be IN THE GAME. Defense right now is Benfica's Achilles Tendon and the only thing keeping them from public embarrassment is the fact that we literally have 3 of the best keepers in the league and country right now if not Europe in Artur, Eduardo, and Mika.

The rest of the defense really needs to step it up. Relying on certain players all the time only works if you still have Fábio Coentrão; unfortunately we do not anymore.

Gaitán and Cardozo continually linking up and producing amazing goals is something I am falling in love with. Their goal from this game was just absolutely mind blowing. Nico is IMO one of the better players in Portugal right now. Continually improving, continually making it happen when it needs to.

Bruno César is fast becoming the next Super Sub. He can come in and within a few minutes already have a shot on goal. I'm expecting him to help fill a void that Nuno left.

Defense needs to step it up big time, though. We can't expect to keep doing well with a defense that blows hot and cold.

And really, why the hell did you sign Capdevila and not use him, JJ?

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